What is Dry Cleaning? Let’s Discuss in Detail

What is Dry Cleaning
Worried? The stubborn stains on the delicate fabric of your favorite dress and the dress can be damaged if you wash it using traditional washing methods? Dry cleaning is for you! Yes! If you are planning to wash them with water and detergents, Don’t do it! You can end up ruining them. Try our Professional Dry Cleaning service, and get your dress undamaged and clean again! To trust the process, first understand What Dry Cleaning actually is.

What is Dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning involves the process of cleaning clothes without the use of water, as its name suggests. So, what is used in Dry cleaning instead of Water? In dry cleaning, we use special chemical solvents instead of water to clean your clothes. These solvents effectively dissolve stains and dirt. Thus, leaving your garments clean without causing damage to delicate fabrics that may shrink or become misshapen if washed with water. 

What Solvents are used for Dry Cleaning?

Common solvents used in the process of dry cleaning include:
  • perchloroethylene (perc)
  • hydrocarbon
  • liquid silicone
These solvents effectively provide a gentle yet thorough cleaning process, without the use of water. Let us make it simple, and understand the process of Dry cleaning.

Process of Dry cleaning

The process of Dry Cleaning involves several important steps, Starting from:

Inspection of Your Garments

Before starting the dry cleaning, we inspect every piece of your garments in detail. We carefully locate any stains, wear, or spots that must be cleaned very carefully.

Pre-treatment of Stains

If there are any stubborn stains, we do a pre-treatment by using specialized products to deal with stains difficult to remove. This step facilitates the deep cleaning of the stains, thereby, we can give you a better cleaning of your garments.

Loading into Machines

After the inspection and any required pre-treatment, we load the garment pieces into our specialized advanced Dry cleaning machines. Such machines have been made to hold different pieces of clothing where the solvents can flow freely.

How does the solvent work in Dry cleaning?

The solvent works by dispersing grease, oils, as well as other types of stains without damaging the fabric material of your clothes. In the Dry cleaning machines, the solvents agitate with clothes, resulting in a thorough cleaning and removal of stains.

Filtration and Recycling

Solvents used in the process are filtered and recycled. The environment is also our responsibility, right? 

Rinsing and Drying 

After the cleaning, the solvent is drained out of the machine. A flush cycle is used to make sure any remaining solvent is also removed. After that, the clothes are dried by warm air in the same machine or sometimes transferred to a different drying device, if required.

Finishing Touches

Then your clothes go through the final stage.  In the few last steps they are steamed, freshly pressed if needed, and slightly repaired if necessary. 

Final Inspection and Packaging

Beforehand, your clothes are inspected to make sure they are per the standard quality we promise to our customers. Next, the clothes are packed carefully to avoid wrinkles and damage.

Benefits of Dry Cleaning

Preserves Delicate Fabrics

Water with detergents can damage the delicate fabrics. It disrupts the natural structure of fibers. It can lead to shrinkage, felting (wool fibers matting together), and loss of shape of your garments. While, Dry cleaning solvents, just target dirt and oils. They do not affect the fiber structure of clothes. Some expensive designer or delicate garments have complicated tailoring for their form. Conventional cleaning can damage their delicacy and structure. As Dry cleaning does not involve harsh agitation and tumbling of a washing machine, it does not cause stretching, warping, or any other structural damage.

Tackles Tough Stains

We understand the science of stains! Different stains require specific cleaning solutions. We have multiple options of solvents and stain removers then, that are typically available for home use. We target and remove protein-based stains (like blood or sweat), oil-based stains (like grease or makeup), and even ink or dye spills, by effectively lifting them from the fabric. Our pre-treatment of stains breaks it down and gives more effective cleaning. Thus, increasing the success rate and preventing the stain from setting further.

Extends Clothing Lifespan

The harsh chemicals and mechanical agitation of a washing machine can damage and decrease the usage life of your expensive delicate fabrics. On the other hand, Dry cleaning avoids these stressors. Dry cleaning results in minimal wear and tear on the fibers. It is a quite gentle process that helps your clothes last longer while maintaining their original quality.

Color Retention

Excessive washing can fade the beautiful vibrant colors of your delicate fabric. Try Dry cleaning! It minimizes color loss because there is no exposure to harsh detergents and sunlight (during drying). Thus, Dry cleaning keeps your clothes looking brighter and fresher 

Saves You Time and Effort

Dry cleaning is a time-saver for you! Especially if you are a busy individual. Dropping off your garments for dry cleaning can eliminate the hassle of pre-sorting, washing, drying, and ironing.

Peace of Mind

Most importantly, Dry cleaning delicate items at home can be risky. Bring them to us, we are professional! We know advanced techniques that can avoid the potential for shrinkage, color bleeding, or permanent damage to your clothes. This peace of mind will allow you to focus on other priorities…


Dry cleaning, while a fantastic cleaning method does have some limitations. You should consider them before you hand over your favorite garments. Here’s a breakdown of its shortcomings: Not Suitable for All Fabrics! While dry cleaning is the best cleaning method for delicate fabrics, some materials don’t go well with the solvents used. Natural fibers can shrink or lose their crispness. Always check the care label, especially cotton, linen, and hemp, and go through with their cleaning instructions.


So, what is Dry Cleaning? It is something more than just convenience. It is a tailored service that keeps your garments undamaged and clean. It can remove stubborn stains that are difficult to remove using home-based washing methods. Thus, prolonging the life of your garments. At JEEVES Dry Cleaners and Launderers LLC. Through our experienced work and advanced methods, we use Dry cleaning techniques that make it possible for your garment’s appearance, quality, and functionality to stay the same even after years!  

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