About Us

Customers Happiness Matters Most

Jeeves Dry Cleaners and Launderers was founded by highly talented and inspirational individuals with passion for cleanliness, colors, an unprecedented vision and outstanding management skills. Within a short span of time, Jeeves Dry Cleaners & Launderers has established itself as a highly reputable dry cleaning services that knows the true value of cleanliness and has taken it to the level of perfection with a twist. Our vivid vision of corporate excellence augmented by the goal of ultimate customer satisfaction has allowed us to grow in every aspect and be regarded as pioneers of the industry.

Taking the craft of dry cleaning to a new level of professional competence; JEEVES DRY CLEANERS AND LAUNDERERS incorporates the latest and cutting edge technology into its operations with a deep understanding of not just dry cleaning but fabric sciences ensuring that every article of clothing gets a VIP treatment. Combine it with a friendly and down to earth customer care and a super focused management and the result translates as establishment of reputable branches in Dubai’s prime locations in a just a year’s timeline.

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Our Vision

JEEVES DRY CLEANERS and Launderers ‘vision is grounded in “contributing to the constant advancement of dry cleaning and fabric preservation by means of treating them in our state of the art dry cleaning facilities using skin and environment friendly chemical process. Relying on innovative dry cleaning techniques backed with impactful strategic plans, imaginative and resilient staff and the firsthand knowledge of fabric sciences; JEEVES DRY CLEANERS and LAUNDERERS is ready to be the brand associated with quality and cleanliness.


Our Mission

The management and staff of JEEVES DRY CLEANERS and LAUNDERERS has dedicated themselves to their esteemed customers through the delivery of superior service as well as innovative, adaptive and reliable dry cleaning solutions, which will not only facilitate them by prolonging the life of their favorite clothes but also boost their confidence that one associates with wearing a brand new attire every time. JEEVES DRY CLEANERS and LAUNDERERS’ ultimate objective is to make every article of clothing feel like it is brand new.

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