Washing Machine

Laundry Service

Have you ever experienced, as we have, to suddenly have to do the laundry because you realize you’re out of clean clothes? Well, now that Jeeves Express is here, worry no more! We will handle your laundry from A to Z. We care to preserve the quality of your family and kids garments. Our laundry service is ideal for everyone who wants to spend more time with their family and friends rather than wasting it on cleaning their clothes. Jeeves provides wash, fold and iron services for popular items such as candura, jeans, socks, shirts and etc..


Ironing Service

Are you tired of taking in and out that ironing board? Jeeves provides ironing service than can make you smile. How? Simply we will pick up your wrinkly clothes, iron them with fastidious care to make it look brand new and deliver them the next day. We’re confident that we make your clothing look better! Yes, we also crease clothes so you may feel your best at the meeting.


Dry Cleaning

Bored of wasting time driving and rushing after working days to reach your preferred laundry shop?

Why don’t you try our on-demand dry cleaning service? We can pick up you garments ad deliver it to you within 24 hours period! How do you like the idea of having more time to accomplish the things you enjoy doing? Our service also includes special request such as stain removal, pressing, and trouser creases.

We pride ourselves in using the most eco-friendly dry cleaning process in the industry. We care about our customers’ health and prohibit the use of toxic petrochemical solvents.

Bedding & Linens Cleaning

Luxurious linens that comfort you with fluffy down-filled duvets, cozy comforters and sleek, satin sheets must be handled with tenderness. Jeeves carefully launders and presses your bedding and linens without shrinkage or residual odour, preserving the attributes of every delicate fibre to keep you lavished in soft caresses.

Premium Carpet Laundry

Whether it’s a normal rug or the finest carpet is a timeless work of art, our Jeeves cleaners are determined to protect its character, beauty, and value. To preserve and restore the magnificence of every delicate fiber, we use allergen-free cleaning products and procedures. Jeeves are connoisseurs in caring for contemporary and heirloom floor coverings to ensure they can be used and treasured for generations to come.

Preparing Luggage for Travel Purposes

Travel is always fun and exciting (be it for business or pleasure). We at Jeeves understand, that however not all of us are fond of preparing luggage. Fortunately, we can handle it.

Our process of preparing your luggage includes doing laundry, ironing, folding, and arranging your things accordingly. Thus, all you have to do pick up your luggage, and you’ll find everything you need inside easily.

Shoe Cleaning

Modern Tailoring, Shoes Cleaning & Shining Services

For us, happiness is when we take our time doing your chores so you can enjoy more of your time. How wonderful would it be to cross out not only the laundry and ironing, but also royal tailoring, shoes cleaning and shining services in your weekly task list? At Jeeves, we take pride in not only washing your clothes but also tailoring them, thanks to our dedicated specialists. Jeeves offers the ultimate in convenience for you so you can have more time with your kids and family. Our fast and on-time laundry pickup and delivery service includes everything needed in one simple step. All you need to do is call us – we’ll do the rest.

Our tailors have a vast experience in tailoring and they take the necessary time and care to make your clothes look best on you. We offer the full suite of tailoring and restoration, zips, hems, resizing, tear, pocket repair, sleeves, cuff and even shoes cleaning and shining services.

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